AVerTV Studio 303


AVerTV Studio 303

Not only with the same features of AVerTV 303 like 10-bit video decoder , AVerTV Studio 303 also enable you to listen to FM radio and record the radio with CD quality. You can record 12 hours of CD quality FM music on one CD-R!!





Watch TV in Stereo/SAP, A2, NICAM
The AVerTV Studio303 enhances your TV viewing with Quality Stereo Sound. The SAP /A2/NICAM feature allows a TV station to broadcast different information to the viewer across the audio receive system. That information could be the same audio program in another language, or something completely different

Record and Playback TV Programs and Video Directly From the PC
With AVerTV Studio 303, you can treat your PC just like a Personal Video Recorder (PVR).Save your favorite TV programs or videos in high-quality MPEG I/II formats! It supports other input sources, such as a TV signal, a camcorder or other analog devices

Remote Control / FM Radio
The Fully Functional Infrared Remote Control gives you the flexibility to change channels, adjust the volume or turn the radio on from a distance.?You now have the full convenience of a TV with the added feature of a radio.

16-Channel Preview

With this easy-to-use feature, you can conveniently preview a series of 16 channels at a time.?You will see a thumbnail image of each channel and once you`ve decided on the channel you want to watch, simply double-click the image and you`ll be ready to watch and record on a 1/9 or even full screen display!

Pause, Rewind and Instant Replay Live TV
AVerTV Studio 303 is even better than a VCR! With this device, not only can you Pause and Rewind live TV but you can also do Instant Replays!?So, if you are watching a basketball game and you want to see that scoring play one more time, simply rewind it and watch it again as many times as you wish.?Afterwards, simply fast forward to go back to the regular broadcast.

Time Shift Function
Simultaneously recording and watching TV is incredibly easy with the Time Shift Function.?For example, if you`re watching TV while cooking and you realize you`re missing an ingredient, no problem!?Simply start recording and when you return, you can watch where you left off, while it continues recording the rest of the program.?Now you wont have to miss a minute of the show!

TV Recording Scheduler

Pre-program your AVerTV Studio 303 to record a show days in advance.?Or, you can choose to record on every Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. for a month at a time.?With the TV Recording Scheduler you can watch your favorite TV Program whether you are sitting in front of your PC or not.

Capture Home Videos and Send to Family and Friends
If you currently own a CD-RW, this is the time to expand its usability by saving personal home videos or memorable TV clips to MPEG I/II format and store on CDs!?Now you can simply mail the CDs or email the clips to your friends and relatives.? With this cost-saving feature, you`ll be using CDs instead of VHS tapes in no time.

Capture Still Images for your Digital Photo Album
Customizing your own Digital Photo Album has never been easier!?With AVerTV Studio 303, you can capture any size still image up to 1600 x 1200 resolution, save to a bmp, jpg, tif or pcx format and keep it in your PC with other digital images


  • Supports 10 Bits Video Analog to Digital Converter XNew!!
  • Integrated A2/NICAM TV Stereo Decoder on chip XNew!!
  • Listen to FM Radio
  • Record FM Radio Directly  XNew!!
  • Personal Video Recorder (PVR)
    • Record and Playback TV Programs or Video
    • Pause, Rewind and Instant Replay Live TV
    • Record TV/Video in MPEG I/II
    • Capture Home Videos and Send to Family and Friends
    • Playback Your Recorded Programs While Continuing to Record in Real Time (Time Shift™ **)
    • TV Recording Scheduler
  • Watch TV on Your PC
    • Fully Resizable TV Window (From 1/4 Screen up to Full Screen)
    • Create Your Favorite Channel Group
    • 16-Channel Preview
    • Full Band Air and Cable TV Tuner
    • Autoscan and Full Channel Scan Function
    • Teletext for PAL TV System
    • Video Always on Top
    • Parental Channel Lock-Out
    • Changeable Control Panel Skin Display
  • Exclusive Customized Channel Remapping
  • Fully Functional Infrared Remote Control
  • Album Feature for Still Image Capture
    • Save Image to BMP, JPG, TIF, PCX Format
    • Save Image to Any Size (up to 1600 x 1200)
  • Capture Screen Size (up to 720 x 480 for NTSC)
  • Video Source and Video Standard Selection
  • No Feature Connector or VGA Loop-Back Cable Required
  • Supports Color and Picture Adjustments
  • Supports ACPI Power Management Function
  • Coax, Composite and S-Video Input
  • Support Recording Audio Source Line Selection
  • Create Your Favorite Channel Group
  • Supports up to 4 Inputs:
    • TV Input: 75 Ohm Coaxial TV Antenna
    • FM Input
    • Video1 Input: Composite (RCA) Video
    • Video2 Input S-Video
    • Audio Input Stereo Audio Input
  • Audio Output: Direct to Speaker or Loop to Sound Card
  • Dimensions: 5.31 x 4.92 x 0.83
  • Weight: 186g
  • Warranty: 1 year parts & labor
  • Compliance: FCC Class B

  • Pentium III 450, 128MB RAM or better
  • PCI 2.1 Compatible Slot
    • Real-Time Video Capture at 320 x 240 (MPEG-I)--- Pentium III 450MHz or better
    • Real-Time Video Capture at 720 x 480 (MPEG-II)--- Pentium III 800MHz or better
  • Sound Card (Full Duplex for Time-Shift™ and I-Record™)
  • For Internet Video Phone Applications
    • Camcorder or Desktop Camera
    • Microphone
    • 28.8Kbps or Faster Modem
  • Windows® 98SE/2000/ME/XP
  • VGA Card With DirectX 6.0 Support

  • AVerTV Studio 303 Tuner Card
  • Remote Control
  • Audio Loopback Cable
  • FM Cable
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • Installation CD containing Real Time MPEG-I and MPEG-II TV Recording Software