Gigabyte GC-PTV-TAF

  1. Watch high quality Digital TV (DVB-T)
  2. Watch high quality Analog TV (supports world-wide systems NTSC / PAL / SECAM)
  3. FM radio receiver
  4. Top quality hardware-Full functionality Multimedia remote control and Digital TV antenna
  5. Supports world-wide SAP and stereo sound
  6. Supports S/AV/Audio in-can connect to VCR or DVD player
  7. Power Cinema 4.0 full 6 modules functionality plus DVD burning
  8. 10 foot user interface -easy to control in 10 foot distance


Product Introduction
GIGABYTE Technology adds enormous value to the standard PC with the launch of the GC-PTV-TAF Digital Theater Hybrid TV card. Value adding functions that the card brings to PCs include full TV tuner and digital video recording capabilities. Moreover, all functions can be easily controlled by the GIGABYTE proprietary Multimedia Remote Control that allows the user to control every function of the card from the comfort of their living room sofa.
A. Watch high quality digital TV (DVB-T)

B. Watch high quality analog TV (supports world-wide systems

C. FM radio receiver

D. Top quality hardware
  • Full functionality multimedia remote control - all functions can be executed by remote control
  • Plug and Play USB remote control receiver
  • High-performance Digital TV antenna - better signal reception and broader frequency bands (both VHF and UHF)
  • Compact/low profile design - can be used for consumer electronics cases
E. Universal compatibility
  • Supports world-wide SAP and Stereo sound
  • Supports the European Teletext system
  • Supports 'S-video in', 'Composite in' and 'Audio in' - can connect to VCR or DVD player
F. Power Cinema 4.0 - full functionality
  • Instant or scheduled TV program recording
  • Make DVD - Burn your recorded TV program into DVD disc (DVD burner required)
  • TV Time Shift viewing - Pause the Live TV programs or go back to the previous section without missing a second
  • Capture snapshots of TV images
  • Enjoy FM radio
  • Enjoy music - play a range of music format, such as .wav .mp3 .wma
  • Watch high quality DVD/VCD movies
  • Play a range of video format, such as .mpg .dat .avi
  • Enjoy photo slide shows
  • 10 foot user interface - easy to control in 10 foot distance
  • Supports 9 languages (English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, French and Italian)

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Tuner Philips 8275A
Decoder chip Philips SAA7131E / Philips 10064A
Interface PCI
PCB size Low Profile
Digital TV DVB-T
FM radio Yes
Remote sensor Interface USB
Others No