PixelView PlayTV@P7000

PixelView PlayTV@P7000 provides you easy access to more types of entertainment experiences with the simplicity of multiple devices. PixelView PlayTV@P7000 is made to deliver music, movie, TV and the picture quality you expect from a digital entertainment media centre. With the eDrive technology, you will never miss any of your favorite shows any time, any where! Send a command to your PC, select which channel, time, recording hours; one click, and it's done! 1 week after you are back from other country, you can watch any show you have missed for this week. Amazing, isn't it?!
In the present market, all PCs with "Media Center Edition" are average high range price; most of buyers love to own it, but can not afford an alternation of PC. Now, PixelView PlayTV@P7000 is your best selection. WHY WAIT?! Take one home now !!

- Excellent TV/Capture PCI Tuner card
- TV/FM/Video/Audio Input
- FM Radio
- Time-Shifting (Pause TV)
- MPEG2/DVD recording
- Schedule Recording
- Video On Desktop
- Teletext
- Remote Control
- Certification in Windows XP / 2000 / ME / 98SE

F5 Remote Controller. It's fun for your Fingertips:
- Fingertip 1 (F1)-TV, Watch your favorite TV program immediately with a slightly one touch on"TV bottom".
- Fingertip 2 (F2)-FM, Listen to FM radio live show immediately with a slightly one touch on "FM bottom".
- Fingertip 3 (F3)-CD, Enjoy listening to any selected CD, which has been installed in your PC with a slightly one touch on "CD bottom".
- Fingertip 4 (F4)-DVD, Get your popcorn ready and enjoy any recorded movie with slightly one touch on "DVD bottom".Ё.
- Fingertip 5 (F5)-Category key, The entire above function category can be organized & browsed in one bottom. Additional function, such as Photo album, email, music, and video can be selected within this bottom.

- TV Tuner TV channel Full channel for 181 channel
- TV Sound Stereo / Bilingual
- TV-RF Input 75ohm F/IEC Type connector
- FM-RF Input 75ohm F/IEC Type connector
- Video Composite-Video RCA Pin
- S-Video Mini Din 7Pin
- Audio Line In Female Phone Jack
- MPEG Compression Video Bit Rate MPEG2 Full D1: 2 - 15Mbps(VBR,CBR)
- Audio Bit Rate 224Kbps
- Sampling Rate 44.1KHz, 48KHz
- Frame Size 720 x 576 (PAL)
- Board Size 167.0 mm x 64.7mm

System Requirement
- 600-MHz processor or faster
- MicrosofЁ WindowsЁ 2000, and XP
- 128 MB RAM
- 250 MB free disk space for applications
- 20 GB or above free disk space for DVD/MPEG2 record (Recommended)
- Approximately 450 MB for every 10 minutes of captured video
- Video card and monitor that support 16-bit color or above
- Sound card
- CD-ROM drive
- CD-Recorder or DVD-Recorder
- Available PCI slot
- Analog video source device(s), such as a television, camcorder, or videotape deck