PixelView PlayTV 400 USB

The High Speed USB2.0 TV/Capture Box!
PixelView PlayTV 400 USB is a portable TV-Tuner box which enables your PC / Notebook to capture, record, edit TV programs or Video from devices, such as DVD, VCD, VCR, Video Camcorder, TV Game box and so on. It offers a cost effective solution to enhance the captured video quality via interface of High-Speed USB 2.0. It makes your PC/ Notebook become an advanced digital video recorder.

- Watch TV on your Computer Monitor
- Resolution up to 720 x 480 for NTSC, 720 x 576 for PAL
- Time-Shifting allows to pause Live TV
- Normal Auto Scan and Full Channel Scan
- Resizable TV Window up to Full Screen
- 181 Channel Cable Ready TV T
- Parental Channel Lock-out
- 16-Channel Preview
- Favorite Channel Group and Rename Function

High speed Interface trough USB 2.0 and Easy to install One Step "Plug and Play"

Digital VCR (PVR)
- Record/ Playback live TV programs and video
- Record video in DVD, VCD, MPEG-2, MPEG-1
- Scheduling Recording

Still Image Capture and Album Functions
-Save image to BMP, JPG, format

Pocket Size! Most suitable for your Laptop!
Video Always on Top

Video and Audio pass through USB bus, no extra audio cable required

USB Bus Power, no extra AC adapter required

- Tuner TV-RF Input 750hm, F/IEC Type Connect
- Input Video Composite, Video RCA Pin
- S-Video, Mini Dim Ping
- Audio: Line In, RCA(R)
- Audio Line Out USB 2.0 Bus
- Dimension 116(mm) x 81(mm) x 25(mm)
- Bus: USB 2.0
- Max Resolution: 720 x 576 (PAL)

Package Contents
- USB TV Box
- Installation CD with user manual
- Quick Installation Guide
- USB 2.0 cable
- IR remote control

System Requirement
- P4 2.0 GHz suggested
- One Available USB 2.0 port
- Support Windows 2000(SP4)/XP(SP1)
- PCI VGA card with DirectX 8.0 or higher
- SoundBlaster 16 compatible sound card
- 2 GB free hard drive space
- CD/DVD Writer (For Burning Function)