PixelView PlayTV BOX 3

"PixelView PlayTV BOX 3 ™ ". This evolutional box allows you to experience full-screen, high-resolution video entertainment without your desktop. With a built-in TV tuner and various video connections for additional bonus such as a VCD, VCR, DVD, or PS2/X-Box, you will be able to view multi-programs or go wild of the gaming.

- TV Watching on LCD/CRT monitor
- Use it when play your TV gamer, like PS / PS2 / XBOX.
- Support 1280X1024 /1024x768/ 800X600 esolution.
- Professional Picture-On-Picture function

Allow you watch TV while work on PC:
- You can resize, change position wherever you want.
- Transparent made allows image behind the small screen show through.
- SXGA High Resolution, Wide screen display (1280 x 768), 1280 x 1024 resolution support.
- Stand-alone without turn on PC:
- No software drivers required!!
- Output to a LCD monitor,,LCD projector.
- Easily switch to TV,Video display or PC display.
- 16:9 wide-screen (1280 x 768) Mode display.
- SXGA ((1280 x 1024)Resolution.
- Progressive Scan..
- Auto-scan air/cable TV channels.
- Support Frequency Scan..
- Fine Tuner to Adjust TV Frequency..
- Favorite Channel Setting.
- De-Interlace ready!
- Sleep Timer..
- Video Input and Output..
- Touch button in the front panel..
- Full function remote controller..

- Input TV Signal In
- S-Video In
- Composite Video In
- RCA Audio R/L
- 12V Power input
- D-15 Pin Monitor VGA RGB input
- Output S-Video Out
- Composite Video Out
- Phone Jack Sound output
- D-15 Pin Monitor RGB output
- Remote Control I/R Remote Control
- Control Button, Power, TV/AV Switch button, Channel +, Channel -, Volume +, Volume -, LED Display Stand by, Power, video