PixelView PlayTV Mobile

"PixelView PlayTV Mobile"-the portable PCMCIA interface TV Card with additional functionality of Software MPEG 4/2. It provides you the advanced features such as Time-shifting, instant replay, pause, and fast-forward while you are watching live TV show. Selectable real-time MPEG4/2 compression ranges from DVD quality for the ultimate performance to VHS quality for marathon recording sessions. And with pocket size remote controller, just sit on your sofa, and enjoy your PixelView PlayTV Mobile when you are tired working on your project.

Global TV card, watch TV Anywhere You Go: it's lite and it's portable! Take it anywhere you'd like to go, plug it in on your laptop. Your laptop immediately turns into a Laptop TV! How cool is it?!

Easy to operate & it's tiny: Plug it into PCMCIA port on your laptop. Simple as that! PixelView PlayTV Mobile is so tiny and light, and it's easy for you to operate and take it anywhere.

Key features: TV/Video/Audio Input, Theater enjoyment on your laptop

Time-Shifting (Pause Live TV show): Stop the show while you are busy

Real time S/W MPEG4/2 encoding: Capture images into MPEG1/2 format

Schedule Recording: You won't miss your favorite shows

Remote Controller included: Pocket size remote, you control all

Teletext for Windows: Provide you all list of TV channels

FM Radio: Listen to FM radio, or record FM radio as WMA format

Interface PCMCIA Type2 5V
Input 75 RF TV input (Cable/Antenna)
SVHS/Composite Video/Audio(R/L)
Stereo PAL/SECAM Stereo (NICAM, A2)
MPEG Video: 2-15 Mbps
Compression Audio: up to 448 Kbps
Sampling rate: 32KHz/44.1KHz/48KHz
Frame size PAL: 720x576; NTSC: 720x480
Dimension: 123x54x18mm