PixelView PlayTV Pro Ultra

PlayTV Pro Ultra allows you to watch high quality TV programs and display video on your PC. You will never miss any exciting sport games or live news. It gives you the ability to capture motion and still video as well as to get teletext data input video and play video on desktop. Let's watch TV shows on your PC now!

- Excellent TV/Capture PCI Tuner card
- 10 bits video decode
- 720x576 high video resolution
- TV/FM/Video Input
- FM recording(FM model only)
- Autoscan and freescan support
- Video On Desktop
- Low power consumption
- VBI Teletext support
- Easy to search and set TV channels memorized
- Flick free technology with best components
- Certification in Windows XP/ME/2000

- Input TV 75ohm IEC/F Type coaxial cable
- FM IEC/F Type connector
- Video RCA female jack
- S-Video mini-DIN female jack
- Audio 3.5mm female jack
- Remote Control 2.5mm female jack
- Output Audio 3.5mm female jack
- Tuner module Available in NTSC, PAL, SECAM
- FM reception 87.5MHz ~ 108MHz
- Stereo decoding Available in NICAM, A2, BTSC, EIA-J

Package Contents:
- TV card
- FM cable (FM model only)
- Audio cable
- RC cable
- RC pad
- User manual
- Driver CD

PlayTV Pro Ultra provides the best quality for fast-motion video.
10 bits video power make your TV scene look really sharp without noise and flicker on edge.