Terratec Cinergy 400i

Cinergy 400i
Cinergy 400i

Treat yourself to crystal clear, flicker-free image quality, real stereo sound, and the utmost in convenience. Thanks to the added remote control, you can now enjoy television on the PC from your recliner.

The station search guides you through all available channels and identifies them automatically. On top of that, the multi-station preview provides images of all stations at a glance while you can scale the image size yourself: The selection is yours: from a parallel running window to full screen.

Capture single images, video clips or a complete evening TV program directly onto your hard disk! TerraTec Cinergy supports nearly all current audio/video codecs such as DivX. Timer-controlled recordings in VCD, SVCD or DVD are child's play with the accompanying video recorder software InterVideo WinDVR. Edit your movies and permanently archive them with almost any available CD/DVD burner software.

Call up your personal TV magazine on the Internet with the push of a button and gain a quick and convenient overview of the program. But you can obtain brand-new information about the program even without the Internet: using integrated high-speed video text with page buffer, which can be placed across the broadcast TV image, you can browse through the supplemental program and immediately obtain free information!

Station selection, volume, recording-lean back and control all Cinergy functions from the couch! The accompanying remote control is freely and easily programmable and, in addition, can control almost every Windows software! In addition to antennas, cable networks or satellite receivers, the Cinergy can also be used with camcorders or DVD players. Your existing sound card can be interconnected without problems thanks to the accompanying cable.

With TerraTec's Cinergy 400 TV, you experience TV entertainment on the PC like never before! TerraTec Cinergy 400i-the perfect synthesis of television and PC!

Technical Data
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  • Stereo TV on your PC
  • Remote control for TV software and other applications
  • Timer-controlled recording in VCD, SVCD or DVD format
  • Time-delayed playback of a running recording (in VCR software)
  • Video recording using common compression methods (DivX, etc.)
  • SVHS and video input for external devices
  • Station search with automatic station identification
  • Multi-station preview for all available stations
  • Interactive high-speed videotext with page cache
  • Cable- and satellite-enabled TV tuner

Package Contents:

  • TerraTec Cinergy 400i
  • Infrared Remote Control incl. batteries
  • Infrared receiver
  • Audio loopback cable
  • CD-ROM with drivers and Bundlesoftware
  • Quickreference guide
  • Online manual