Terratec Cinergy HT PCMCIA

  Cinergy HT PCMCIA

Cinergy HT PCMCIATelevision and radio - more mobile and versatile than ever before

The Cinergy HT PCMCIA brings entertainment and information to your laptop! The TV card receives both the digital terrestrial television (DVB-T) and conventional analog television (cable, house antenna or satellite receiver) in highest stereo quality. This keeps you "in the picture" at all times.

Wherever you use the versatile PCMCIA tuner, you never have to go without the comfort you are used to enjoying while watching TV. The electronic program guide (DVB-T mode only) helps you accurately navigate through the large number of stations and activate your recording timer. Teletext provides information on current programs. If you need to interrupt a show, you can do so without any problems. The solution is called time shifting, which saves the part you miss on the hard disk. That means you can simply resume viewing later at the desired point.

The perfect solution for all series fans is the built-in digital video recorder. Program a recording or simply press the record button while the program is underway - the program is saved to your hard drive in DVD quality (MPEG 2). Now you can edit out the commercials from your recording and burn the final product to DVD.

But the ArcSoft TotalMedia 2 software included in the package has even more capabilities: as you would expect of a full-fledged media center, you can listen to music, play videos and DVDs, or browse through your picture collection and create a slide show.

  • Digital and analogue TV and radio tuner for notebooks via PCMCIA
  • Stereo sound with digital und analogue TV
  • Scheduled recordings and TimeShifting
  • EPG and programm information
  • Teletext
  • Current via PCMCIA Slot
  • Digital video recorder with full MPEG2 support
  • Analogue video inputs: S-Video, Composite
  • Stereo audio input

Technical Details

  • PCMCIA Card Bus Standard
  • Driver support: Windows XP (SP2)
  • Plug n’ Play
  • Voltage 5 V DC (PCMCIA Bus powered)
  • Housing colour: white/metal


  • VHF-Band III K5-K12 (174 - 230 MHz)
  • UHF-Band IV / V K21-K69 (470 - 862 MHz)
  • Input impedance: 75 Ohm
  • COFDM Demodulation (QAM16/QAM64)
  • PLL Synthesizer Technology


  • 120 x 53 x 8 mm


  • ArcSoft TotalMedia2

System Requirements

  • 2 GHz Intel or AMD CPU or comparable Centrino certified Notebook
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Windows XP SP2
  • 1 free PCMCIA Card Bus slot
  • 150 MB free disc space for software installation
  • Audio hardware with DirectX support
  • DirectX compatible graphics board and video overlay support
  • CD/DVD drive for driver and software installation
  • CD/DVD drive for creating CDs/DVDs
  • Analogue TV reception (antenna or cable)
  • Terrestrial digital TV reception (DVB-T, Freeview, TNT)

Package Contents

  • TerraTec Cinergy HT PCMCIA
  • Antenna
  • Installation/software CD-ROM
  • Manual on CD-ROM
  • Service card
  • Registration card
  • Quick Setup Guide